10 Websites For Strange and Odd News Updates

Most of us love to read odd news and unusual news in our day to day life. Everyday some new facts come up, out of which few are too odd, strange and unusual. I personally love to get updates on odd news from all over the world and not only me there are millions of internet users who love to read odd news online.

But sometimes I have seen that it is difficult for most of new internet users to find websites where they can get odd news easily. I generally visit Yahoo and Express.co.uk’s Odd News sections. They are enough as I don’t get much time to read odd news. But I know there are many other websites which are collecting odd news from all over the world and they are having lots of subscribers. You can visit those websites to get updated on odd news and strange facts globally. I have gathered 10 websites for strange and odd news updates from all over the world and now you are just a click away from them :

1. Express.co.uk – Express.co.uk

2. MSN News – MSN News

3. Newslite – Newslite

4. Reuters – Reuters

5. Snopes – Snopes (Rumor Has it)

6. This is Plymouth – this is Plymouth

7. UPI Odd News – UPI.com

8. USA Today – USA TODAY

9. Xfinity News – Xfinity News

10. Yahoo News – Yahoo News

I hope you liked our collection of websites to get odd news updates online. If you know any other website related to odd news or strange fact then please updates them through our comment system. Thanks for staying 🙂

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