15 Best Free Online Fax Services

Using separate fax machine requires a big investment whether for office or home. It becomes more awful when you do not fax very often at home and if we think about office perspective – installing fax machine in every department looks not so real.

Keeping a fax machine all the time is also not possible specifically when you want to put freedom of working to your employees can work either from home or any other part of world while traveling. So a boom is out there in face of Online Fax Services.

Nowadays Online Fax Services are evolving as a smarter way to sending and receiving documents and pretty enough to replace the need of scrambling to find an available fax machine.

However all online fax services are not absolutely free to use but you can jump over their trial version before actually buying the paid version. These services land a helpful place where we send faxes in a plenty of ways. We just need to have a good internet connection. Thus no worries if you are not having a fax machine.

I am here along with 15 Best Free Online Fax Services. You can test one out for yourself and stop messing up your time.

1. eFax

With eFax, receiving a fax is as easy as opening email. You will receive an email with a PDF or TIF attachment to an email address you specify. You may also access your faxes by logging into your eFax account anytime from anywhere around the world.

2. FaxFreedom

FreedomVOICE Systems has been a high tech innovator and service provider of sophisticated communication tools since 1996. Our services range from simple 800 voice mail to highly sophisticated IVR systems that are “systems integrated” with our customers. Our service offerings include 800 Voice Mail, Virtual Office, Unified Messaging, Web Enabled Virtual PBX and Integrated IVR.

3. FaxOrama

It is Free and no Ad on the cover page. You can fax 1 document – maximum 5 pages     Maximum 2 free faxes per day.

4. FaxZero

It is Free and Ad on the cover page. It allows fax 1 document — max 3 pages and max 2 free faxes per day.

5. GotFreeFax

You can sens free fax cover page, no ads by GotFreeFax. 3 pages per fax maximum and 2 free faxes per day is its maximum limit.

6. MaxEmail

Internet Fax and Voice Mail Messages are conveniently delivered directly to your email address – Wherever YOU are.

7. My1Voice

My1Voice is now eVoice. It is a virtual phone number that professionally answers and routes your calls, transcribes your voicemails to text, and offers a host of great features that make your life easier and your communications more effective.

8. MyFax

If you use your 100 sent or 200 received free fax pages before your free trial expires don’t worry; It won’t cut you off in the middle of an important fax! Additional pages will be added at a cost of only $0.10 each. Extra charges do apply for all faxes sent outside the free faxing zone.

9. Nextiva Fax

With Nextiva vFAX all you need is an Internet connection in order to send and receive faxes. Our online fax service is easy to use, affordable and gives you great flexibility. You’ll no longer experience paper jams, system errors, or busy signals. Nextiva’s online fax service will enable you to fax by email, via Microsoft Office, from your online control panel, or continue sending faxes through your fax machine with a Nextiva fax adapter. Faxing online is convenient and you will never miss another fax.

10. PamFax

It allows 3 FREE pages after sign up and give FREE fax number, NO monthly cost, NO credit card required to sign up and very easy to use, try now!

11. Pop Fax

Popfax.com is a leading global provider of internet fax services. It allows end-users to send and receive internet fax using the web interface, an e-mail client or other productivity fax tools.

12. RingCentral Fax

Send and receive faxes with your RingCentral Fax plans and pricing for all of your business faxing needs.

13. ScanR

It’s a digital scanner and fax in your pocket! Your phone is suddenly a business center – scan, print and fax wherever you go.  Scan documents to turn them into digital files you can store, share, and fax.

14. Send2Fax

Send a fax through our online solutions, enabling you to send and receive faxes while saving time, money, and paper.

15. Smartfax

Send fax from email to any fax number. Merge the convenience of email with fax.

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  1. Hello ,
    It is really good technique as we are also working on same one but a little bit differnce.
    Its Concept is nice and thanks to you for posting these information.
    FAX to Email
    Customer gets a Virtual Number which gives a Fax Tone when called the Incoming Fax is received, converted to a PDF and is emailed as a PDF attachment.

    Email to FAX
    Customer sends Email with an attachment to (for eg: @superfax.in). The attachment is extracted and sent to () as a paper fax.

  2. Online Fax Service – Internet fax to email lets you send & receive fax on the web, via email & smart phone all over USA & Canada with local & toll free fax number.

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