20 Social News Websites to Get Traffic

Today with huge amount of social news bookmarking sites, it’s difficult for a newcomer to choose which site is better for them to join. Social news bookmarking are such websites where visitors can submit, read and vote news, stories, images, videos.

Here I have list of 20 good social news bookmarking websites which are just not related to technology or design, but also related to fashion, environment etc.

Here is a list of 20 Social News Website from which you can get good traffic :

1. Digg

2. Delicious

3. Sphinn

4. Slashdot

5. Technorati

6. Pixel Groovy

7. Now Public

8. NewsCloud

9. Muti

10. I Like Totally Love It

11. Free Software Daily

12. Entirely Open Source

13. EarthFrisk

14. Dzone

15. DotNetKicks

16. Designbump

17. Chictini

18. Care2

19. Blog Engage

20. Reddit

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