3 Ways to Unblock Facebook

If your school, college or office has blocked Facebook and you are not able to access it, there is no need to worry as we can help you in Unblocking Facebook. Facebook is blocked at most of the institutions as authorities consider it as a distraction tool and as per them, Facebook affects the productivity. In this post, we are going to tell you the Top 3 most effective and perfectly working ways to Unblock Facebook. 

proxy sites
Unblock Facebook with the help of Proxy Websites

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading or installing any software of third party app to Unblock Facebook, you can opt for Proxy Websites. The internet is full of thousands of Free Proxy Websites to Unblock Facebook. Not only Facebook, you can also unblock YouTube, Twitter etc. You just need to visit the Proxy Website, enter the URL of the website in the box on the proxy website and you are good to go. Finding a working Proxy website can be a little tricky task but we have covered you here as well. Here are few completely Free and Working Proxy Websites to Unblock Facebook.

Unblock Facebook using Virtual Private Network

If you are tired of finding a working Proxy Website and are irritated to enter the URL again and again in Proxy Server, you can go for a VPN. A Virtual Private Network helps in unblocking the blocked websites and keeping your identity anonymous. It is one of the best methods to Unblock Facebook and remains anonymous while doing so. There are both free and paid VPNs available in the market but we would suggest you use the one which doesn’t store any logs. Here are few top VPNs:

Unblock Facebook using TOR Browser or Hola Extension

You can also use TOR Browser to unblock Facebook. You just have to download it and follow the instructions. If you are not sure about TOR, you can use Hola extension to unblock websites. Hola is a browser extension which is available for all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox. Both these are the Perfect Tools for Unblocking Facebook.

There are many other ways to Unblock Facebook. You can try by entering the IP address of Facebook in the URL or by using the mobile version. You can also try by changing the proxy address of your browser or DNS of your system. Let us know whether you were able to Unblock Facebook or not by these methods.

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