5 Free HTML5 Games That You Can Have Fun With

HTML5 is successor of HTML programming language. Even though it is evolving slowly but it has introduce many new elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern websites. No doubt by using HTML5’s new and fresh features you can make websites more attractive and alive.

Up until now all major browsers are not supporting HTML5 but still it is being using by many web developer and designers. Certainly the fifth generation of HTML is enough to catch advance functions based around dynamic and multimedia rich content in terms of your.

Moreover HTML5 is taking off the need for many proprietary plugins. Anyone can see a big step forward through HTML5 in web development. Here we are very thankful of those advanced features of HTML5 that has made web applications, streaming services and games possible.

Today you can find here ā€œ5 Free HTML5 Games that You Can Have Fun Withā€. All of these HTML5 games have been tested with the latest stable Google Chrome on Ubuntu 10.10. You must have a HTML5 compatible browser.


Canvas Rider


Sand Trap


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