5 Must Have Useful Safari Extensions You Should Download Right Away

Before a couple of year ago, Apple company decided to follow the footsteps of Firefox and Chrome and begun its official Safari Extension on its own gallery. It was a good move by Apple Inc. This idea brought a way for developers where they can show their skills to build add-ons to improve the overall browsing experience on Safari.

For die-hard fan of Apple Safari Browser– definitely they are looking forward to use some fantastic additions that any you can appreciate. Apple has set up a way to use Safari Extensions, you just need to click through Safari > Safari Extensions Gallery in the menu bar and then you are at single Extensions gallery webpage where a showcase from some of the best developer submissions is waiting for you.

If you want to try any of extension from the gallery – just click on Install button right below an extension and it will automatically attach with your safari 5 browser. Click on Install is a one-step installation process.

Sometime you may require to quitting and restarting your Safari browser, but usually you won’t need a restart. You can even turn off any extensions by clicking on Safari > Preferences > Extensions if you are not using any of them.

Safari 5 has armed with great security due to their type of made. They are prevented from reaching information or communication with sites unless specified by developers.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Best Safari Extensions. What are some of your favorite Safari web extensions? Let us know!

1.) ResizeMe 1.0 : This extension adds a toolbar that allows you to resize the Safari window to six different sizes, including full screen. You can also right-click to resize the window.

2.) Duplicate Tab Button : Duplicate Tab Button sits in your Safari toolbar. Click it, and a duplicate of the currently active tab opens in a new tab or window.

3.) GToolbar : GToolbar is available for Safari. Search with SSL on the Web, News, Blog, Discussions, and Twitter Realtime Search. Access Google with a single click. View your Google Bookmarks. Translate websites into more than 40 languages.

4.) Mindful Browsing : This extension allows you to block distracting or offensive websites with one click,displays a warning message when you visit a blocked site, set a custom time delay before allowing temporary access to blocked sites.

5.) KeySearch : KeySearch adds a new way of searching the internet to Safari. It uses short keywords to allow you to search any site you want, right from the toolbar.

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  1. This is why Apple is on-top of the technology game! Safari is the best browser out there and nearly glitch free. Thank you for the informative post.

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