6 Best Facebook apps

Undoubtedly Facebook seems to be a booming social networking site. This will be continuing to be so, as there are going to be numerous new and interesting people registering on a daily basis. Facebook has a number of activities, status sharing ability, posting and sharing photos with your friends instantly, along with a number of applications to use. These applications are encouraging, entertaining and are useful for people to share their woes and joys to their friends and relatives.

Some of the common and best applications of Facebook will include:

1. Facebook for iPhone:

As the name suggests, the application for Facebook will permit the use from the convenience of your iPhone, that you will find is easy to share our thoughts and status, share photos instantly form the palm of your hands into the Facebook. You need no more a computer to log in everytime, and you can always keep your friends and relatives involved. There are nearly more than 1.75 million people who like the application and over 57.8 million iPhone users are actively using them every month.

Facebook for iPhone

2. Flixster:

This application allows you to rate movies conduct and participate in online quizzes, and review movies. This is also the source to get the latest, best of the reviews on the movies in your region, and worldwide. This has been estimated that nearly 1.5 million people like this application with nearly 867 thousand active users on a monthly basis.


3. Static FBML:

This is a real Facebook application that helps you to design and change the skin, the look and feel of your Facebook profile. In addition, this application has a number of advanced features and functions that can be used for your fan pages. Nearly 606 thousand people like this application with more than over 91.9 million people being monthly active users.

Static FBML

4. Causes:

You must use this application without any fail, if you believe in a cause or are a part of non-profit organization. This application is the one that will be promoting your vision and seek support to promote your cause. The application supports and propaganda a number of causes ranging from animals to environment to religion. This application has the support of 321 thousand users of Facebook and is being actively used by more 22.9 million people who are monthly active users.


5. Horoscope:

There is no need for further explanation as the name suggests clearly the use of this application. There are nearly over 22 thousand people who like this application and over 409 thousand people who are monthly active users of this application.


6. Skype:

Skype is one of the best platforms for keeping people connected closely and easily at a very much-reduced cost. Integrating Skype into your Facebook is one of the most effective ways to expand the scope of the use of this application. This application comes free, and you will be able to make and receive calls from your Facebook friends. Over 73 thousand people like this application and is being used nearly by 31 thousand people on a monthly basis.


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  1. Static FBML was great until the news came out about the new iFrames functionality. Since Lion OS X came out yesterday, I ranked the best Facebook apps.

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