6 Best and Useful Text Editor For Developers and Programmers

Text editors are mostly used to change configuration files and to edit programming language source code. There are many text editors available for developers and programmers, few are small and simple on other hand few are advanced and heavy in size. Few text editors are specially made as web development application.

Text editors make your task easy like auto completes character pair such as parenthesis and brackets. Few excellent features in present text editors for developers and programmers having syntax-highlighting, n-the-fly syntax validation, feature of auto completion, full support for UTF-8 text, file backups, built-in web browser, built-in FTP client, line numbers and many more new features has been added.

If you are a web developer or a programmer and looking for a good text editor which can perform a variety of functions and which is easy to handle, I have created a list of such 6 best and useful text editor for developers and programmers :

1. Coda

2. Dreamweaver

3. EditPlus

4. PSPad

5. TextMate

6. UltraEdit

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