Buyers guide to NAS storage server

Network attached storage devices are gaining prominence in recent times. Fast access, easy configuration and efficient performance are the three important features which make NAS devices the right choice for storage requirements. Be it for home purposes or business networks, NAS devices offer an efficient way to store and access data across networks in an easy and effective way. The increasing demand for network attached storage has brought in several models into the market. While purchasing NAS devices, it is important to understand your storage requirements and additional features to make an informed decision. Here are certain things to consider before purchasing NAS storage devices.

Identify your storage requirements

While purchasing NAS devices is a good idea, identifying your exact storage requirements before short listing a product is essential. To do this, calculate the volume of your data on all computers and then multiply it by two. A typical nas storage server comes with a storage capacity of 500 GB to 4 TB. If data security is your primary concern, purchase multiple hard drives and use RAID configuration. When you use RAID configuration, data is mirrored to enable backup security. To use RAID configuration, you need to double the data storage capacity.

Check for advanced features

A network attached storage technology works with a concept of storing your data in an efficient way for a long time. To avail this benefit, you need to purchase a NAS drive which contains advanced features like the plug and play option, USB port and remote access. While the USB port allows you to upgrade the storage capacity of the drive, connecting a printer enables you to print documents from anywhere within that network. If you want to share streaming audio and video, check out for a NAS storage server which supports digital living network alliance, apple iTunes server or SMB. For streaming audio and video, make sure to check out the gigabyte Ethernet connectivity. This feature enables the drive to share large files of media without interruption. While you spend huge amounts on NAS drives, make sure that they are suited for future data storage requirements.

Automatic backup

Another important feature of a NAS storage server is its automatic backup facility. While data storage and security is the main concern, the automatic backup software takes care of data backup issues in a timely manner. In addition, check out for hot swappable disk drives so that you can replace a drive without turning off the NAS drive.

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