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Web 2.0 Ideas to Keep Members Coming Back

Web 2.0 is one of the most overused as well as misunderstood terms in recent years. In brief, it means providing a user-driven website. Most membership marketing sites are Web 2.0, particularly social networking sites. The users have control over the content in the blogs, forums, reviews, article posting and so on.

No more scheduled tweets – meet Buffer [Review]

Have you ever tried to count them all? The many tweet scheduling functions out there? You will find countless ones, because the Social Oomphs, Twaitters, Hootsuites or Futuretweets scheduling functions have grown like weed in recent years. Let me therefore introduce you to Buffer, a new tool, that approaches this completely differently. By nature Buffer

Navigating the Maze of Facebook

Facebook can be an exceptionally good social media platform for connecting with people to promote your brand, book, cause or business.  But first you need to be sure you’re not stepping on any Facebook landmines.