Check Your Password Strength – Is It Strong Enough?

There are plenty of online services like Google, Yahoo, MSN available on Internet which shows the strength of your password while typing characters into the box. Microsoft safety and security center also helps you to choose strong password.

You might be good in finding many password strength checking tools but you must be mindful at the same before pick up one of them. Because there is very few really engaging online tools that really not collects and transmits your information.

The good practices say that a password must be a strong combination of different types of characters that you use and the overall length of the password should not be less than at least 14 characters long. Also password should be easy to remember and difficult to guess by others.

Here we are with a most recommended Online Password strength Checking tool – “How Secure Is My Password“. It is a pretty reliable password strength analyzer based on Brute Force Attack action and is quite enough to lag behind any other advanced and complex hacking algorithms.

Steps to Use “How Secure Is My Password”:-

1. Open up the website,
2. A bar will be shown on your home pager where you have to type your desired password combination,
3. Then after you will see finely calculated password strength immediately,
4. No worries when it takes the longer duration.

Main Highlights:-

Easy to handle
2. Worthy tool for choosing strong password.
3. Easy to Access inside the browser.
4. This brings reasonably Safe and Accurate measurement of password’s strength.
5. Passwords won’t be transferring anywhere meanwhile checking their relative strength.

Are you putting right mixture of characters into your passwords? Take a look on your passwords and share your views with us in comment.

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