Five Ways to Know it’s Time to Retire Your Old Mobile Phone

HTC One and iPhone5
HTC One and iPhone5

With mobile technology growing bigger and better by the minute, newer models are being released on a regular basis. With this in mind, technically minded individuals are doing their utmost to get their hands on the latest handsets.

Take the BlackBerry Torch for example. This particular model is one of the newest introductions from the brand yet and those that own an older BlackBerry, such as theBlackBerry Bold, may wish to sell their existing model in order to upgrade to a more contemporary version.

1. Wear and tear

As well as technological advances, other reasons you may wish to upgrade your existing handset include wear and tear. Using a phone on a daily basis can take its toll and as such, can leave the mobile in question looking worn, faded and shabby.

If you own a flip phone, you may find that opening and closing the phone is no longer a smooth transaction. The buttons may have become a little stiff and if you own a BlackBerry, the trackball may cause the cursor to roll in the wrong direction.

These faults are often caused by overuse and sometime by carelessness. We’ve all dropped our phone whilst running to catch the last train home and we’ve all haphazardly thrown it into a handbag. Both of these factors can affect the appearance and the workings of the handset. Even if you do your utmost to keep your handset in tiptop condition, time will still cause it to lose its initial shiny appearance.

2. Staying ahead of the game

If like many, you find yourself wanting to share everything from what you had for breakfast to your current location, you’ll need a handset that is able to perform these tasks. Many of the newer models, including the updated BlackBerry Bold, perform pretty much every assignment possible. This includes offering a number of tech-savvy applications, allowing you to directly upload snaps to a variety of social media sites. 3G enables download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, whilst allowing consumers to avoid tedious loading times.

3. You want your phone to listen to you

Do you ever wish your phone could talk to you? Well the good news is they can! Voice control allows individuals to call contacts in their phonebook without lifting a finger. This comes as great news to those that often have their hands full.

 4. You’re tired of playing alone

If you’ve become a little bored of the same two games that came with your phone, then you’re most certainly ready to upgrade. Almost all smartphones boast a variety of entertainment applications, meaning the lengthy journey to work will never be monotonous again. Download everything from classic solitaire to high-tech video games.

 5. Street cred

Staying at the forefront of technology is extremely important to both the fashion conscious and the tech-savvy. Having the newest, most talked-about handset on the market is therefore imperative and at the same time, will allow access to all of the latest apps.

Music Magpie will allow you to recycle your original handset safely. Regardless of whether you want to sell Blackberry Bold 9780 handsets you no longer enjoy, they offer competitive prices.

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