How to Print on Envelops

Generally while you send out letters typed and even printed using MS Word you might spend lots of time in making yourself sure that the given document is presentable and perfect. However many of you ignores working on the envelope. I have few solution for you in this post.

You can easily use tool in Word which allows you to print in word which allows you to print recipient address and senders on an envelope in a predefined pattern. Actually this is the most useful while you send some business related letters which make the communication look fair, official and make presentable.

I have few simple steps for you to do so :-

  • Click on the “Mailings” tab
  • Click “Envelopes”
  • You are then provided two test areas. One of them is the delivery address and other one is for the senders address/return address
  • You can set the size of the envelope by clicking the “Option” button
  • There will be entire list of envelope sizes under the “Envelope Size”. Drop menu and select an envelope size
  • You can customize your envelope by clicking the “Font” button
  • Set the printer feed direction which will be under the “Printing Option” tab
  • Then click on the “OK”
  • Now you can print the envelope by clicking the “Print” button

Here we go .. The mailing and sending address will be printed on the envelope.

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