How to Upgrade iPhone4 to iOS5 Manually

I just shared iOS5 direct download links and now it’s time for a quick tutorial on how you can upgrade your iPhone4 to latest iOS5 version manually. Do remember, my iPhone4 is officially unlocked and if your’s is not, you might like to skip it for a while, until you get a confirmation that gevey SIM or any other unlocking method which you have used supports iOS5 unlocking or not. Also if you rely on tons of jailbroken apps and using untethered jailbreak, you might like to wait for a while, as untethered jailbreak for iOS5 is underway and might take couple of weeks before we get our hands on it.Before you upgrade your iPhone to latest version, you should connect iPhone to laptop and use iTunes to transfer all the purchases and backup all your data. This is mandatory step and if you not sure how to take backup of your iPhone and transfer purchases, check out this screenshot: Right click on your iPhone name and click on backup and after backup click on transfer purchases.

iPhone backup
iPhone backup

So I assume you have taken the backup and also downloaded the latest version of iOS. Now connect your iPhone to your system and open iTunes. It will give you an option saying an updated iOS is available, click on cancel. Now click on option “Update” while pressing Shift key (Windows) and if you are on mac press Option key and click on update. You have to browse and select the iOS version which you have downloaded and it will take some time before your iPhone4 will be running on iOS5 final version.

It will contact the Apple server and will verify the update and viola you would be running iOs5.

Though while updating, you might see two errors:

3002 error in iOS5:

If you get this error, instead of taping update, click on Shift + restore and do the same process as mentioned above.

Error 3200

In case if you ate getting Error 3200 while updating to iOS5, simply retry the process.”iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occurred (-3200)“. According to official apple support page, This may be due to your system can’t connect to Apple server or Apple server is too busy handling so many request. Retrying again would be helpful. It tool me 12 retry to avoid Error 3200 but it’s worth a try for iOS5.

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