Identity Theft – Your Identity Is No Longer Yours

Your name, your address, your social security number, your pan card and many more things are your identity and just imagine what will happen if you got none or moreover someone else is using your identity.

Well just imagine the situation with two people having everything same and there is nothing you have different to know who is who and in that case you can imagine what chaos it is going to spread.

What if the other person is your enemy he’ll definitely try his level best to destroy you. That’s what is happening with your identity, and more probably with your child as they are less aware in most cases about their security and identity protection.

In a survey it was found out that more than 15% of children’s id or social security number is being used by others and that too without those kids knowing. This number is not good when it comes to adults also as more than 7% have found that their id have been used illegally on various sites.

The kids have proven to be the easiest targets because they are too young to know what’s good for them and in most cases parents don’t care or pay attention on this aspect of child’s life.

Children are gullible as well as susceptible to these type of problems because the bad guys always manipulate them for the good of their own and they can do this very easily as kids have a very much to learn. But the problem is not only with kids even the most technical and advanced adults have found that their identity have been stolen.

Now let’s see where these id are used illegally in most cases they are used for buying SIM cards, houses, online products, online loans, shopping, opening accounts and getting credit card lines and the most wide use is in the porn industry where id are used to get access to the premium accounts.

The other most favorable use of fake identities is the frauds and online scams. If suppose the criminal gets caught then it’s the person whose identity is being used will get into trouble. And now a day’s cyber criminals have organized and very well ahead of many so they could easily lure people into giving their identity and then these hackers or crackers or criminals use those identities for their own use.

The above is a small local community survey that was conducted and the results were shocking as you yourself can see.

It is high time that you start being vigilant and try not to get caught in scams that look good from the way they are presented but are not. The kids are the ones whom we need to protect and this can be done only with keeping a proper eye on them, not spying but yeah you should be aware what your son or daughter is doing.

Identity theft has done enough damage to corporate industries, local person, children and more over to the person whose identity is being used.

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