New Toner Cartridge Technologies

Tonner Catridge Technologies

While there has been much advancement in recent years regarding toner cartridge technology including husks made of more durable materials, better strips to protect ink from falling out during installation or printing, and more efficient waste collection systems, the most prominent changes that have taken place within the industry all revolve around greener technology. While the concept that one could recycle toner cartridges has been around for some time, the way that cartridge designs have changed as well the structure of the industry itself has lead to a huge movement that forgoes the destruction of toner cartridges after they have been used. Companies that have grasped a larger understanding of why it is important to recycle toner cartridges have also learned that they can have the same high quality outputs at literally a fraction of the price.

Past Issues Gone

In the past, many companies have been put off by the concept that they could save money if they not only recycle toner cartridges, but use the refurbished product created from their efforts, mainly because of quality control issues. The truth is that based on past experiences, these individuals would certainly have the right to harbor reservations about the ink not being as good or not lasting as long as well as issues with the cartridge itself not being able to perform. However, advancements in re manufactured toner cartridge technology have greatly improved their performance enough to allow them to compete toe to toe with top of the line new OEMs.

Of course, even businesses that do not purchase refurbished cartridges can still participate in the green movement and save money by choosing to recycle toner cartridges as they deplete. There are third party companies that make this process extremely simple by providing the convenience of shipping materials and prepaid labels on their dime. By simply gathering up old depleted cartridges and shipping them out as convenient, any company can receive cash incentives back either instantly or in the form of checks sent periodically.

We Should Haste Toward Less Waste

Even when toner cartridges break or become so outdated that they no longer have a use, the materials themselves can be recycled to keep them out of landfills. This process will involve breaking the raw material down into scrap so that it can be repurposed into brand new items including new toner cartridges. While the process to recycle toner cartridges in this manner uses more energy than reusing them and often creates a small amount of waste, the truth is that when there is no life left in the hardware, this final act of recycling still trumps throwing it away by any means.

Many businesses on the forefront of green technology practice recycling and reusing procedures. However, the same benefits can be had for those simply looking to make the cost of inks and toners a little bit lower. Doing so will prove to be positive for the environment as well as any company’s bottom line.

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