Steps for better WordPress SEO success

For any type of website or blog, WordPress is best option which is easy to handle, easy to install. There is huge amount of wordpress Plugins available. WordPress is also better option for SEO.

To optimize your own wordpress blog, just follow the mentioned guidelines :

Friendly Permalink Structure

Before you create any post, change the permalink. Do it before you post anything on your blog. Permalink structure must be friendly. The most friendly permalink is “”. Using date and month in the middle of url is not good, it will not appears unless you have a good content collection. If any one of you have already used these format and want to change it then you can only do redirection manually for each of post. Don’t try to edit htaccess because it will not work.

Use of Suitable tags and structure

Title of any post should be h2 tag, instead of any other name in CSS. If it is some thing else then change it to “h2” in the stylesheet. If is very much beneficial to have h2 tag in every post. Try to best title for your post. Do not use confusing titles. Use simple title. For example if you are writing on some review on website hosting company, then simply use such title “XYZ Company review”.¬† Use on “li” tags are strong way to make your post look organised.

Install related post plugin

Related post plugin is best and most important thing to add in your blog. This makes your blog/website more valuable. Post at least 5 related posts below every post. This also helps as easier method to indexed.

Link exchange

Outbond link in your blog is most important thing to be keep in mind. Try to do link exchange with quality blog. If you have page Rank then  you will not face any problem in doing link exchange with a quality blog. If your page rank is zero then you can use method of paying to webmasters.

Top viewed posts plugin

This is another powerful method you can do is to install the top views plugin. This plugin can display the most popular posts in your blog, thus attracting more readers and improve your pageviews. I think you can change the default number to display, I prefer the top 15 most viewed posts for any blog.

Google sitemap for WordPress

Use google sitemap Generator for your blog. This is also a very important plugin to use in your blog.

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