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Best mobile phone for gaming

While traveling to work you may wonder if there is anything that you can be doing in order to keep yourself entertained – these days your mobile phone is your best friend. This is because mobile phones can play great games while on the move, most of these games are available on the phone’s store,

3 Best Launcher Apps and 17 Themes for Android

A major reason behind the immense popularity of Android platform is it’s customization. It empowers you to customize each and every aspect of the interface. The most basic and known Customization is the home screen, using launchers. A launcher basically is an application to customize your Android desktop i.e. homescreen. This app runs when you

Top 7 free Unit Converters for Android

Converter Lite

There are many converters and calculators in the Android Market, about hundreds of them. Many are not worth using, because they lack certain important features, but there are a few very good converters worth keeping in your Android phone. If you are looking for a decent converter, with a nice and easy to use user