Top 5 smartphones for gaming in 2016 

Mobile phones are able to do so much more these days than they were able to do in the past, thanks to huge leaps forward in the technology that powers them, and this means they are used for everything from working to gaming now. A smartphone can be the perfect way to play a game, whether it is something simple like game you can play on casino online such as roulette, or Real Racing with its high end graphics. This article will list the five best ones for playing games on.



LG is one of the smartphone manufacturers that has consciously targeted gamers with its phones, with its G5 model being the latest example of this. There is so much to recommend about this phone for gaming, from its 4100 mAh battery that guarantees it won’t die on you when you are caught up in a poker battle or playing a complex role-playing epic, to the excellent 5.6-inch display. This is HD and features superb colour balance and clarity – ensuring those Real Racing graphics look top notch on it.


Samsung Galaxy S7

Like the S6 before it, the new Galaxy S model from Samsung is a gaming phone through and through. It now has an even better processor, in the form of the Exynos 3.5 GHz model, making games performance smoother and faster than ever before. There are also no issues of lagging during games, thanks to the 4GB RAM that it offers, while the 5.5-inch screen is only slightly smaller than that of the G5 and features superb colour balance.

iPhone 7

The iPhone models from Apple have usually been a bit behind their Android competitors when it comes to the actual technical specs – although the iPhone 7 is a big leap forward in that respect. Users will have the choice of two different screen sizes, meaning those mainly play HD graphic games have the option to choose the bigger one. It also comes with force touch technology and a thinner body, 6.1 mm instead of 6.9 mm, making holding it in the hand for long poker games a lot less uncomfortable.

HTC One M10

This is a real outside contender to be the best gaming smartphone of all, boasting an impressive 3.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 812 processor for speed and power, 4GB RAM to eliminate lagging when playing high end games at top speed, and a long-lasting 3400 mAh battery. These are specs that make it equally suitable for playing a quick-fire slot game at a casino site, or a long, involved action game like GTA: San Andreas.

Google Nexus 6P

This is another smartphone that provides a total gaming package, featuring an ultra-powerful Snapdragon 810 processing chip to ensure that games play smoothly on it, as well as a superb 5.7-inch screen that comes with AMOLED technology for the best visual experience. The graphics chip is also a very fine one – an Adreno 430 model – so playing GTA or Modern Combat on it will be no problem.

While every one of these five is a solid smartphone to play games on, the Google Nexus 6P has all-round specs to steal the show.

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