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With jailbreaking at what seems to be a standstill right now, so many users are missing Cydia, missing being able to modify their iOS devices and download their favorite paid games and apps for free. While we wait, we have an excellent alternative to Cydia; it’s called Tutu Helper and it gives you all the best that Cydia has to offer, along with the very best of what is on the iOS store, all for free and without a jailbreak.

tutu helper

You won’t find TutuApp in the iOS app store; instead, you will need to use another app called TutuApp Helper to install the configuration profile to your device. Read on for the steps needed to use Tutu Helper:

Download Tutu Helper

  1. From your iPhone or iPad, launch Safari browser. This won’t work with any other browser so don’t waste time trying
  2. Now go to the TutuApp download link tutu helper
  3. An information page about Tutu Helper will open; look for the link that says Install Directly to iOS device and click on it – this is what installs the configuration profile to the device
  4. Wait for your settings app to open and then click Install; if requested, type your passcode in
  5. Safari will open; tap the link on the page to Installtutu helper
  6. A confirmation message will appear; tap Install
  7. Settings will open again, tap Install > Next
  8. Tap Install in the next page and then Done
  9. Wait for the TutuApp installation to finish and then you can start using i

Fixing TutuApp Errors:

TutuApp Errors are not something that happens too often but there have been reports of a couple of common errors showing up on occasion. These are both very easy to solve and you can find all the guidance you need right here:

  1. Profile Installation Error – click on the linked article to find information about the error and how to fix it
  2. If an app that you installed will not open or will not run, it is a certificate error. To fix, open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Find the certificate for the app and click Trust. Try the app again and it should work properly

Will you have a go at using Tutu App Installer? Let us know how you get on using Tutu Helper and whether you think this is a decent alternative to Cydia for now. For the latest news and jailbreak updates, follow us on Facebook.

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