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Over the last few years, jailbreaking has been stepped up a notch, with utilities being released on an incredibly regular basis. Many expected this to continue when iOS 10 was released, despite the warnings from Apple that they would stop jailbreaking and, although we have had a couple of jailbreaks, they haven’t been for everyone and we have had to start looking for alternatives to Cydia. The best we have found is TutuApp Installer and here’s what it’s all about.

What is TutuApp Installer ?

Among all the other app installers released recently, It is arguably the most comprehensive. We can access all sorts of content through it, including apps that you would normally have to get from Cydia and all the paid content you could possibly want. TutuApp offers us access to content we couldn’t get anywhere ese, all without a jailbreak and all for free. And, for those of you that are concerned, your Apple warranty will be perfectly safe. Here are some of the best features of TutuApp:

TutuApp Features:

  • Free to download and instal
  • Full of paid and premium content from the iOS app store
  • Updated on a daily basis, ensuring all the latest apps and games are there for you to download
  • Developer updates will be applied to all content as soon as they are available
  • Fully optimized to work on all models of the iPhone, iPad and on desktop computers
  • Speedy downloads
  • Built-in cache cleaner and memory optimizer
  • Easy to install and easy to delete

How to Download TutuApp:

Tutu App will never completely take the place of Cydia simply because it doesn’t offer everything that Cydia does. However, it is an in-depth installer, one of the very best of its kind and it is the closest we are going to get to Cydia without having to jailbreak our iOS devices first.

Tutu App is available for anyone to use and is ideal for those who can’t wait for the next jailbreak or just don’t want to jailbreak. There is something for all types of user but, right now, it is only available in the Chinese language. That’s not a problem though; check out the linked article below for a full guide on how to download and install Tutu App to your iPhone or iPad:

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