Unfriend Finder – Know Who Unfriended You From Their Friendlist On Facebook

Facebook is a largest social networking website and latest in trend to connect with friend and family. In 21 century many of us certainly desiring to make new connections who share a common interest and seems to expanding his/her personal network via Facebook, so for those having a Facbook profile is becoming necessary.

It is a most exciting, popular and lovable gathering spot with 500 million users. This is what i tried to explain about Facebook that u might know but it is worthy to write down.

Today, we are here with a quite interesting tip for Facebook lovers. I have noticed that many people are wondering to know that how they can figure out the information about who ditched or unfriend them on Facebook if your friend list is grooming continuously. No worries Unfriend finder [Userscripts] is here to help you out by keeping track of those people. [Unfriend finder Official Site]

Unfriend Finder for Facebook is available at Chrome Web Store that gives real-time notification and makes you know that which one of your friend removes you on Facebook and people who deactivate their account.

So, go through whole story to get the idea about that Google Chrome extension which will work with people who removed you. It is also good to undergo that it’s a real-time script that keeps a record of your friend list, and compare to each refresh.

To use it you must first set up your Facebook account. Now let’s have a look on step by step instructions which should be follow by us for Unfriend Finder.


1.) Install the Unfriend Finder for Facebook. Now you have to allow it to acquire all your data on the website, you have to click on “access” button to approve it.

2.) Thereafter, you need to login into your Facebook account and permit an action to set up the extension for the first time. Once installed – you can see a link in the menu bar. As is usual it starts with zero Unfriend, this number may increase over time. When someone removes you or deactivates its account, you’ll be able to know easily by notifications.

3). You can even alter the settings for notifications according to your requirement. Now you will notice an “Unfriends” option just after the whole process in toolbar menu.

You will get informed promptly if any of your friend “unfriend” you from Facebook his/her friend list.

4.) Apart you can also see “Awaiting requests”

So guys don’t be hater and never leave your friends because they are having unfriend finder tool to get them informed about your Unfriending activity.

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  1. Thanks for this info! I was wondering about the unfriend finder. There are so many facebook addons that I am leery of. This one seems to be legit.

    Thanks – I am adding the unfriend finder to my facebook page.

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