12 Websites For Technical Humor To Fresh Up Your Mood

Humor is always infectious. Humor boost your energy, diminish pain and prevent you from different damaging effects of stress. It is said to be priceless medicine with fun. If you are stressed using internet or doing some online activities, it can be dangerous for your brain. In such situation, you can prevent yourself from damages with help of technical humor and technical comedy dose.

Humor helps you in many ways, you will remain positive in many situations like disappointments, difficult situations and losses. You will be relax, increase in energy and it enables you to fight against mental disease. Humor always helps you in staying emotionally healthy.

Here is list of 12 websites for technical humor to fresh up your mood. Hope you like them :

1. Cracked

2. Computer World – Sharky

3. Geek Army

4. The Joy of Tech – Geek Culture

5. Give Up Internet

6. Great White Snark – Geek Life

7. A Geek Story

8. Geek Humor

9. Tech Chuff

10. Tech Comedy

11. The Geek Invasion

12. Geeks Are Sexy

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