WordPress Tutorials And Resources Which Will Help You To Become a WordPress Expert

WordPress is a well known superb powerful open source Content Management System. WordPress is widely used for creating blogs. There are many websites too which are powered by WordPress. Mostly WordPress is used for blogging purpose. Most of the Bloggers blogging at blogger is switching to WordPress these days.

Personally I was not interested in WordPress before starting this blog but present condition is that ‘now more I use WordPress, more I love it’. WordPress is very much powerful as comparison to blogger. There are many features which are supported by WordPress but blogger is far away from that.

WordPress is having ability to automatically ping all the RSS and each time you post a article it feeds in directories. Doing so can improve your traffic and will also help in quickly developing back links to your blog. The basic code of WordPress is very light, and the flexibility is in the add-ons that can help your WordPress blog do almost anything you could possibly want. WordPress makes you possibility to setup a blog within 5 minutes.

But sometimes while using WordPress you may find some problems. Being WordPress expert will be more beneficial for you before involving yourself fully into blogging. As it is widely used by Internet users, If you are a developer you must provide services related toย  WordPress. Here we have collection of few WordPress tutorials and resources for beginners up to experts which you may require while blogging at WordPress. It will also help you to become WordPress expert. ๐Ÿ˜‰

WordPress Tutorials And Resources Which Will Help You To Become a WordPress Expert :

1. How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch

2. How to Disable Automatic formatting in WordPress posts

3. How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress

4. How to Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress

5. Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress

6. How to Protect CSS Mods for Any WordPress Theme

7. Multiple Page Layouts in a Single Template

8. Customize Your 404 Page

9. Digg Proof your WordPress blog

10. How to Write a Simple WordPress Plugin

11. Creating Two-Tiered Conditional Navigation in WordPress

12. How to Show Category Images

13. Creating Posts That Appear Only In RSS

14. Publishing External RSS Headlines to Your WordPress Site

15. Import and Export WordPress Data

16. How to Optimize Your WordPress Title

17. How to Widgetizing Themes

18. How to Take Full Advantage of Your Post Timestamp

19. How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress

20. Create a Statistics Page for Advertisers

All tutorials collection above are beneficial and you may need them anytime if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform.

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