15 Superb, Cool And Conceptual Wallpapers of 2011

New Year – 2011 Wallpapers. Just few days are left before this year is over. The coming year is 2011, it is the year of forest according to the United Nation. According to Chinese calendar 2011 is the year of Rabbit and Chinese tradition says that coming year is lucky year.

As year change the concept of design is also changing such as new technique arises, cool concepts, varieties of tools for designing. I have seen many people change their wallpaper according to the day. Specially for them I have collected few superb, cool and conceptual wallpaper of 2011. The new year wallpaper I have collected is of best sites to download new year wallpaper for your desktop

Here I have a list of 15 Superb, Cool And Conceptual Wallpaper of 2011 :

Enjoy and wish you a very Happy New Year 🙂

1. Typographic wallpaper RGB

2. Let’s Start New Year 2011

3. New Year 2011 Opera wallpaper

4. New Year 2011

5. Happy New Year

6. 2011 Candles Theme wallpaper

7. 2011 Metallic Wallpaper

8. Happy New Year wallpaper

9. Featuring Santa’s hat wallpaper

10. Cool New year wallpaper

11. Celebrating 2011 New Year Wallpaper

12. Calendar 2011

13. New Year 2011 Wallpaper

14. Happy new year 2011 wallpaper

15. Sunflower Wallpaper for 2011

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