16 Useful, Awesome And Fresh jQuery Plugins

Each day popularity of jQuery is growing rapidly. We have noticed that jQuery is used on several websites these days. jQuery is becoming common among designers and developers. jQuery is becoming popular as there are flow of jQuery plugins on internet. Developers are supplying jQuery plugins developed by them to make others website more intractive and add some extra functionality.

jQuery has become first solution for web designers and developers when they need to add JavaScript functions to a website. As there are too many awesome jQuery plugins available for use and they are growing regularly that’s why it is the best option to move on. Everyday new jQuery plugins are coming into functionality but it’s not easy for you to find them. We have collected 16 awesome and fresh jQuery plugins and you will find them useful.

Here we have gathered 16 useful, awesome and fresh jQuery plugins :

1. JavaScript Accordion Menu

2. Jquery Ajax Tooltip

3. Anything Slider

4. JavaScript Custom Drop Down

5. Drop Down with CSS and Jquery

6. Hover Sub Tag Cloud

7. Jquery Image Rotator

8. Jquery Mega Menu

9. Numeric Slider

10. Scroll Menu With Jquery

11. Site Switcher

12. Switch Display Options

13. Twitter Login

14. Jquery Upload and Crop Image

15. Coin Slider

16. Colortip

Hope you find the above mentioned jQuery plugins useful. We will again update our list very soon. Thanks 🙂

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