Handy Instructions To Speed Up An Internet Connection

The Internet is a global system of interconnected billions of users worldwide through computer. In 21 century computers are become un-separable part of our lives, defiantly. Internet has made our life a bit easier than ever.

Couple of year ago you might experienced very slow speed on 56 kbps dial up Internet connection. And today you can achieve up to 512 Kbps speed where you can download full-length movies in very less time. There are so many advantages of using high-speed internet like online gaming, downloading songs, movies and many more.

These days high speed broadband Internet connections are very much in demand. But sometime we face our Internet connection is slow and looking for speed it up at your personal level.

There are plenty of tweaks and methods for it. Here i am landing some of the following easy to use suggestions that you should be tried on the spot to Speed Up an Internet Connection.

The things you will need

A.) Cable Modems
B.) Modems
C.) DSL Lines
D.) ISDN Lines


1.) Configure your browser to turn off sounds, pictures, video or other multimedia content on Web Pages.

2.)  Try to avoid surf  on weekends and in evening time because you could confront with heaviest traffic. So use Internet when traffic is low.

3.) Take help from your Internet service provider to configure your modem correctly.

4.) Replace your old modem with 56.6 kb/s modems. These are the fastest telephone modems available.

5.)  Use your cache effectively. “Cache” refers to storage space where your recently visited Web sites are saved. You may need to resize your cache allotment, or you may need to purge your cache periodically. Look through your browser’s menus for items named Cache, Temporary Internet files and so on.

6.) Upgrade your phone modem with a fast-access connection (i.e ISDN, DSL, Satellite, Cable modem etc).

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