How to Disable Autoplay

When plug n play device are connected on your system, it is automatically detected by Windows Vista and Auto-Play feature executes. According to me Vista ‘Auto Play’ is more better and flexible than the window XP ‘Auto Play’ because it provides you multiple options.

If all these options are quite confusing when it comes to USB drives. So better you disable this feature if not required a lot.

Follow few steps to easily disable Autoplay :

  • Click on Start and open ‘Control Panel’
  • Under the ‘Hardware and Sounds’ option, click ‘Play CDs or some other media automatically’.
  • One window will open, clear the ‘Use Autoplay for all media and devices’ in check box.
  • After that click on ‘ok’

Now done …

3 Replies to “How to Disable Autoplay”

  1. By my experience, this don’t help always, cause my laptop got infected with autorun virus! I have tried several tutorials, but non of them was working… finally, few weeks ago, my friend recommeded me Autoplay Disabler Pro which really works, for all kind of removable drives…

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