How to Download All Instagram Photos and Videos in Your Hard Disk

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing websites, where you can upload square image (Generally) and small video clips. Instagram is growing rapidly since 2010. In this little span of time, they have successfully engrossed 200 million active users, according to the last report.



If you often use and love Instagram, you might have already uploaded tons of pictures and video clips. On the other hand, if your followings upload eye-catching pictures frequently and you want to download them all at once, here is a trick. Alternatively, let’s assume that your favorite following has uploaded such a great video clip that you want to share with your friends, who are not Instagram user.

At such moments, obviously, you can save all those pictures one by one but you should know that it will take more time than software. However, there are tons of free software to download all Instagram photos and videos in your hard disk but today; I am going to introduce only two of them, which are much easy to use and not so time-consuming to set up before starting download. You can use both of them on your Windows PC and once of them is available for Android as well.

Download all Instagram photos and videos


This is such a great software, which comes with only three or four options those will let you do whatever you want. It has no such feature or option that may take time to be understood by you. The interface looks pretty awesome and it is covered by minimal options. So, just download InstagramSaver and install it in your Windows PC. After installing, you can find a screen something like the following picture:

Download All Instagram Photos and Videos in Your Hard Disk

Just enter your Username (if you want to download your photos and videos). You can also enter any valid username to download anybody’s images as well as videos. You can also change the download path according to your wish.

On the other hand, this software don’t download videos by default. You will have to change a setting to make it download. To enable the video download feature, just head over to the Settings and tick on Download videos too.

That is all! Now this software will download images and videos from any Instagram account.

Downlaod Videos using InstagramSaver

If you would like to use this same software on Android, download either InstagramSaver or InstagramSaver Pro app for Android.

Free Instagram Downloader

It is yet another great free Windows software to download all photos from Instagram. Although, you cannot download videos from Instagram using this software but it is intense in terms of image downloader. Alike InstagramSaver, you can download photos of any Instagram user using only the valid username.

Free Instagram Downloader

The best part is, if you do not want to download ten or fifteen photos among five hundred photos or so, you can do so just by un-ticking.  This is an additional feature, which does not come with InstagramSaver.

On the other hand, Free Instagram Downloader is very easy to use. Just download it and install in your PC. After opening it, enter the valid username after clicking on Input User Name from the top left area.

After few seconds, it will show you all the uploaded images of that user. You can either download all images by clicking on Download All button. This is as simple as said.

Bottom Line

Although, you can download all images and videos of any Instagram user, this is always not suggested or recommended to use them in any offensive activity. You can use this beautiful software to collect your favorite photos and that’s all!

Image Credit: Flickr

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