How to Stop Your Computer from Being Hacked

Looking for ways to stop your computer from being hacked? Knowing ethical hacking or how to hack a website can in a way help in enlightening you on how to prevent the hacking of your own website or computer. So, let’s first have a quick look on how to hack a website using common computer hacking ideas and then move on to ways of avoiding such hacking on your computer or website.

How Hackers Hit Sites
One can be completely equipped with the method of hacking into website with an apposite understanding of programming languages like C, C++, java, Pearl, etc. Web hackers usually employ backdoors for executing the website hacking. One of the popular ways used is to install linux on the computer to be hacked. Then the hacker opens up a shell and types: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda1 and hits ENTER. As the subsequent step the hacker will enter: dd hf= (url). Besides there are additional ways but this is the most popular.

How Hackers Break into a Computer
Hackers may use a vulnerability scanner to rapidly test PCs on a network for common weak spots. Hackers also frequently employ port scanners. This is to detect which ports on a specific computer are “open” or accessible, and sometimes will identify what service or program is listening on that particular port. Computer hacking may include the use of Password cracking, Packet sniffer, Spoofing attacks, Rootkit, Social engineering, Trojan horses, Viruses, Worms, Key loggers etc.

How to Thwart Computer Hacking
There are quiet a few ways to prevent but the most painless thing you could do is use a really topnotch antispyware and antivirus and keep it ON continually. Make sure you use a good firewall too. Rather than free antivirus, the one you use must be a comprehensive one that gets updated automatically without depending on you for the updates.

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