Few Beneficial Tips For Better Result in Blogging

Sometimes it happens that  the blog which you have set up for blogging not work the way you expected to be. Many of newbie bloggers raise this question when they started up with a blog, that how to get better result in blogging. Most of them discover that what and how they have to do.

10 Superb Video Applications for Twitter

Twitter is best micro blogging which is also a  well known social networking platform. Many of us use it as marketing strategies and few love to expand their experience and knowledge with Twitter. Twitter is growing day by day and we all know why Twitter is growing, I will talk on this latter on.

15 Superb, Cool And Conceptual Wallpapers of 2011

New Year – 2011 Wallpapers. Just few days are left before this year is over. The coming year is 2011, it is the year of forest according to the United Nation. According to Chinese calendar 2011 is the year of Rabbit and Chinese tradition says that coming year is lucky year.

Techzil has 160+ Comments and Now a Do Follow Blog

While writing this post Techzil has got 165 comments in 2 months. I am happy with the slow growth of my blog. I love to see comments on my posts. I have turned my blog as a dofollow blog. So that Commentators on my posts will get some benefit of it.

6 Best Background Generators for Designers

Most important part of any web design is it’s background. It can completely lift up any simple or rough layout. Many designers create background by own for using it in their web design. But there are many online background generator tools by which you can easily generate background for your design.

6 Free Apps for iPhone/iPad for Festive Mood on Christmas

We have already entered in December. iTunes App Store is forcing us to think that holidays are not far away through it’s Christmas themed apps. Apps are coloured with Christmas Happiness. To get festive mood on Christmas, I have list and Free download links of 6 Free Apps for iPhone/iPad for you.