Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Webmasters first starting out with an online presence usually opt for the shared hosting model to host their websites. Shared hosting presents an economical and powerful enough choice for the limited resources that are required for entry level and young websites. Once the website owner has established a website presence and begins to add features and applications that drain available bandwidth and memory resources offered by the shared hosting arrangement, a higher platform hosting solution becomes desirable. Virtual private servers can meet this new demand very efficiently.

Virtual Private Servers

A virtual private server is a physical web hosting server that is partitioned into separate servers. Each separate section functions as a unique dedicated networked server. Each virtual server is not affected by the other sections of the physical hosting machine and serves a single user. This virtual hosting arrangement translates into a very powerful platform for webmasters desiring many of the beneficial characteristics that a dedicated server offers without the same price tag.

Business Web Host Solution

Small and mid-sized businesses are often taking advantage of the benefits that virtual private serves offer. These benefits enable companies to manage the online portion of their businesses by giving their websites things such as greater speed, design flexibility and growth potential. Check with your internet service provider, to see if these benefits are available

The Advantages of Virtual Private Server hosting are as follows:

Because resources are dedicated to only one user, load times are significantly increased over the earlier shared hosting platform that divides resources among many users. Therefore visitors, and potential customers, will enjoy much faster page loads and file download speeds.

Increased Web Host Resources
Memory and storage capacities are greater with virtual private hosting because of each unique dedicated virtual server provides all its capacity to a single user. The activities of other virtual server customers do not affect the operation of your virtual private server.

Cost Savings
For large companies with powerful websites,virtual private servers can enable the elimination of dedicated hosting and reduce a major operational expense. Because these servers are located on a machine that is shared by many customers the overall cost of a single VPS can be minimized while retaining many of the performance benefits of dedicated servers.

Operational Control
Due to the virtual server operating exclusively for your website, you have the discretion of controlling the exact software and other applications you want to run your server.

Efficient Multi-Domain Hosting
The nature of virtual private servers when compared to shared hosting servers allows for a much faster and enhanced performance capability for setting up and running multiple websites and email accounts. This is true because resources do not have to be shared with other users at the same time.

The Disadvantages of Virtual Private Servers are as follows:

Higher Skill Level to Manage VPS
There is a knowledge gap between the proficiency needed to manage a virtual private server compared to a shared hosting plan. The many applications utilized by the VPS web host need to be managed carefully and professionally in order to operate smoothly. A greater responsibility is required when managing such a powerful web hosting system.

Hardware Utilization
Even though each virtual server is independent, the other neighboring virtual servers still utilize the hardware resources of the main physical machine. Therefore issues of limited RAM usability and hardware disk space can be a problem. However, simply expanding the central machine to a larger hard drive can solve the insufficient memory problem.


Take both the pros and cons into consideration when trying to decide whether this is right form of hosting for you and your website.

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