5 iPhone Blogging Applications

If you are pursuing blogging as you career you will know that despite the passion that you have for your career, you cannot be sitting in front of the system all the time and at the same time keeping yourself online most of the time is the ideal way of blogging work for you. Here are some of the applications that have been devised for blogging which works well on your iPhone.

These are some of the best iPhone blogging applications that you find will come in handy,

1. WordPress : This is a free app that simulates the most popular blogging platform, Word Press from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. Though the app permits only moderate comments, this has the option for editing and creating new posts, which are much more important. If you own a trusted WordPress blog platform and iPhone with this app installed, you can carry your blog wherever you want, even to your date. This also allows the use of self-hosted blog.

2. iBlogger : This is the first of this kind that was created for mobile blogging. This application is compatible with any of the blog like WordPress, Expression Engine, Moveable Type, Type Pad and much more on a common mobile platform with the ability to blog with pictures, categories, tags and reproduces high quality blogs for a mobile. This is one of the kinds of blogging apps that you might have been looking for.

3. BlogPress : This is one of the most capable and best blogging apps that are available for iOS platform. With this app you can access posts on a number of blogging platforms at one place, which will include blogger, MSN, WordPress, Moveable Type, Drupal and Joomla. This app has the accessibility to post a single post on multiple blogs with minor modifications and at your ease. What you can do with this app is that you can even add pictures to your blog posts, has a keypad, supports labels, tags, categories and publish at a preselected dates. Nevertheless, this app also allows your social networking live on your blog.

4. Pen My Blog : This app for iPhone is a free tool that blends well for working with the blogger platform. In addition, you can delete, edit and modify posts as per your needs and requirements. However, what is lagging in this app is that there is no landscape mode, accessibility to view comments on your posts with no HTML support.

5. Tumblr : This is one of the best apps that you will be downloading if you are an amateur blogger and will find on downloading to your iPhone that this is a great tool for you. The app allows you to do the following things for you as a blogger, post quotes, photos and much more to your tumblelog account. What is much more advantageous and good thing about using this app for posting blog posts will include the posting of audio and video, right from the convenience of your iPhone.

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