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Twitter today is at its peak of popularity. A new Twitter app is launched every few minutes in the market. To stand out in a crowd and to get critical acclaim is not easy, but this is exactly what the latest Twitter app for iPhone, Birdfeed has done. This wonder app comes with some new and excellent features.

Available for just $5 from System of Touch, Birdfeed is a superb Twitter client with a number of features that are sure to be lapped up by Twitter fans. The manufacturers are branding as a clean and simple design app, and they are correct. User interface is very simple and easy.

Scrolling is silky smooth which leaves the user speechless. Unlike many other iPhone apps, this Twitter client is without any interruptions and the user can glide smoothly across the screen. What is amazing is that as you scroll down, the app starts to load older tweets. This they call infinite scrolling and it doesn’t take much time to get used to this great facility. Birdfeed supports multiple accounts on Twitter and you can do search and trend browsing as well.

When you tap a tweet from your friend, the app comes up with a screen which has many options like reply, forward and favorites. If your friend has given a link for you to visit, you just tap it with your finger and an in-app browser starts to load the page for you. You can do many things with the link. You can either re-post it; email it to another friend or just save it. When you wish to tweet, there is a mini widget that starts to countdown from 140 to zero, which is fun to see. It has no special purpose and could have been avoided, but you get to know how many words are left in your tweet.

There are some problems if you try to get away fast in between a search, but the manufacturer claims that these bugs will soon be removed. If you face such a problem, just re launch the app and the bug will be removed. For those who have been using other Twitter clients, Birdfeed provides an excellent choice with its additional features and simple user interface. In fact, Birdfeed is faster than many other similar apps which cost much more and this is one reason Birdfeed has become a choice for so many people in such a short time.

What is refreshing is the disappearance of many buttons which are found in other apps for Twitter. Like other apps, Birdfeed also catches your friend’s tweet, which you can read even when you are offline. However, Birdfeed is not perfect. Sometimes the screen freezes for a few seconds, as when you are trying to load new tweets. But it is a minor problem that does not irritate much.

Birdfeed has everything you need as a twitter fan, and this is the beauty of the app. This is what the users are appreciating, making it the most essential Twitter app yet to surface in the market.

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