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Are Cheap Computers Really Worth Purchasing?

As with most technology based products, and computers are certainly no exception, brand awareness plays a large part in what we as consumers buy, and more importantly how much we pay. It is easy to assume that when you are paying for a top brand, you are buying into a brand that shouts quality and

High End Fashion iPhone Apps are All the Rage

When it comes to luxury, high end fashion, one could be mistaken for believing that nothing compares to the real life visual experience of interacting with unique products and eye-catching brands. However, thanks to the latest smartphones and tablet devices with high-contrast displays and interactive apps, you can keep up to date in style with

5 Quick tips to Disable Annoying features of Firefox 4

Firefox 4

Browsers seem to be revolutionizing in 2011. Microsoft launched the totally renewed and revamped Internet Explorer 9 with a lot of additional features and functions. Google Chrome was updated by Google to version 11 with enhanced speed and totally new settings page. Even Mozilla has released the much awaited Firefox 4 for its users just

3 Simple Ways to Create CSS Rounded Corners

Many a times we face the original rectangular and bold corners in the header as well as various boxes and the only thing we think that time is if we could change them to the nice looking round corners with little shades. This is possible even if your default site builder don’t provide it. Just

4 Best Text Editors That Can Replace Notepad Efficiently

Many a times we curse the inefficiency of Windows notepad because we are unable to use it properly. The majority of users use Notepad because of its simplicity as majority of their work consists web page designing, coding, article writing, styling pages and many more things. You must have felt that the default Notepad is