High End Fashion iPhone Apps are All the Rage


When it comes to luxury, high end fashion, one could be mistaken for believing that nothing compares to the real life visual experience of interacting with unique products and eye-catching brands.

However, thanks to the latest smartphones and tablet devices with high-contrast displays and interactive apps, you can keep up to date in style with the latest trends – and look good doing it. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best high-end fashion apps for iPhone.


This app has been named as one of InStyle’s ‘Best of the Web’ – and we can see why. Boasting 24/7 access to the latest brands at discount prices, it’s an essential app for anyone into on-trend fashion and the shop-savvy of hunting for the latest bargains. Once you’re a Hautelook member you can browse and buy on the go, straight from your iPhone or handheld device. It’s even free to join.


It’s the top-rated app for designer brands, sales and exclusive offers. You can shop on the move, with international shipping to (almost) anywhere on Earth. There’s also Gilt City for “extraordinary” experiences in most major cities. Are you intrigued yet? It gets better. They also have a ‘try it on’ feature where you can take a photo of yourself in a pair of sunglasses and see how it might look. You can then share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.


Want access to all the latest fashion news and hot goss? Then you need Fashion. It’s a free app which helps keep you up-to-date with all the latest goings on in the fashion world. The app itself has a shopping section and also incorporates high-res photos, Twitter and Youtube so you’ll never get bored. It’s free to sign up, but this app is lacking in social features – if you’re looking to interact with other members, it might be best to look elsewhere, such as Chicfeed.


Chicfeed pulls various fashion pictures and news from various blogs and websites. It’s a fresh way of looking at fashion without having to trawl through the corners of the web.” It’s free and comes with six preset feeds which includes The Sartorialist (one of the major popular fashion blogs), Jak and Jill Blog, LookBook, Face Hunter, Altamira and Cherry Blossom Girl. You can choose a paid version of this app which has the added function of saving your favorite images. And of course, you can set the feed to your own interests, and interact as you please.

Rue La La

Did you know 80% of Rue La La’s sales come from Apple devices? Therefore, the iPhone app development is priority – because of that, this app looks and feels great. Upon launch you’ll get access to the “Right Now” feature which instantly shows you what’s hot and selling fast. Rue La La is dedicated to making it easier for you to spend your money on the go, in a stylish and functional environment.

Fashion Network Original

Missed out on a fashion show you REALLY wanted to see? Have no fear, as Fashion Network Original is here. From this app you can view the latest fashion shows and catch up with your favorite designers.

Trend Stop Fashion – Trend Tracker

So far this app has four stars from the iPhone community, and comes with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate.

It has a news section, a designer section, and a trend section which includes articles about the latest trends. The designers section allows for easy access to videos and photos from the latest fashion shows, and also comes with a search function so you can find your favorite designers instantly. This puts it a cut above the Fashion Network app. You can even mark chosen designers as “favorites” to check up on later. Cool, huh?

There are some great fashion apps out there for your iPhone, and it goes without saying that mobile shopping is becoming a big part of the fashion and retail world. Want in? To get you started, why not check out some of the above examples from the apps store today? Happy shopping!

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