Best mobile phone for gaming

Mobile Gaming

While traveling to work you may wonder if there is anything that you can be doing in order to keep yourself entertained – these days your mobile phone is your best friend. This is because mobile phones can play great games while on the move, most of these games are available on the phone’s store, however there are other ways to play games as well. You can also play games in your phone’s web browser and many us casino online slots sites have support for mobile phones meaning that you can play all your favourite casino games anywhere at any time.

There are many different phones on the market however, if you’re looking into buying a new one there will be two different companies that are the leaders in the market. Google and Apple, over the last six years, have both developed operating systems which allow the users to use their phone in a simple and easy way.

If you’re looking to buy an Apple phone then there is only one type on the market and this is called the iPhone; the iPhone five is the latest phone and has very impressive specs with a great CPU and GPU meaning that you play all the games you want while out and about. The iPhone 5 also has a retina display meaning that the screen is incredibly clear, this is due to the very high resolution on the small screen meaning the all pictures become crystal clear.

If however you are looking to buy a Google phone then the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be the one for you, this phone is Samsung’s flagship phone meaning that it has the best specs of any on their line. It also has an impressive screen however the CPU and GPU within the Galaxy S4 is actually more powerful meaning that the phone will stay relevant for longer in terms of technology.

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