Cool, Fresh and Free High Quality Fonts for Designers

If you are a designer or a webmaster you will need fonts time to time. There are many websites which are having thousands of fonts. Few of them are useless and few are fantastic for use and matches your search. Finding perfect font is really a difficult task. In my earlier post I have created list of few websites to download free fonts which will help you to search different type of fonts.

For designing a logo, banner, web page or any brand brochure you require fonts to show your creativity. It’s easy to search fonts, but it’s tough to get cool, fresh and free high quality fonts. I have collected few fresh fonts which are popular because they are easy to read and simple to see on any design or background. Here is list of few cool, fresh and free high quality fonts for designers :

Free High Quality Fonts

1. Blox

2. Tidal

3. Banda Regular

4. Pacifica

5. Otama e.p.

6. Creatica

7. Broken Records

8. Infinity

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