How can a beginner write SEO articles?

Would you like to get familiar with all the parameters on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? You would probably be surprised to find out that there are thousands of SEO techniques and strategies that you can master. The article will give you a preliminary and an effective idea about the entire SEO processes.

The best thing that you must do first do is keyword research. You must understand that the most important part of any SEO is the keyword that you will use. Now, how to start?

Consider a word or a phrase which should be the main keyword of the article and begin your research. You can use any research tool for searching keywords. The best things with paid tools are that they give you lots of permutations and combination where you can use the keywords.

After you have found your keyword, do not waste any time and have a look at the following tips that can help you to write wonderful articles of superior quality.

  • First and the foremost thing you have to do is to make sure that when you compose the article is to keep in mind that you are writing for an audience. The article that you compose should be friendly to the eyes of the readers and get attention to it very easily. Whatsoever the topic maybe, you must understand the skill of writing the topic in a way, that even a commoner who cannot understand anything about the subject gets involved in what you have written. Yes, writing an article requires full immersion and dedication.
  • Make sure to draw interest to your topic only after having the exact and appropriate keyword in position. Each keyword plays a vital and significant role in writing an article. Make sure to use the keyword at many places in the article and never put all the keywords in one paragraph. The keyword must look as if; it is part of the article and not forced into it, just as an unwelcome word just brought in to capture attention.
  • Be certain that your article topic has been searched and studied in detail. An exhaustive search will verify that you have lot of information ready to write. Lot many things should be written on the topic, stating all the important and relevant data which is considered very necessary for your subject. This will make sure that when anybody sees the website they can get all the necessary info they require on a single webpage. This will vastly improve the credibility rating of the website. Use also the options of Link building to improve the views of your site as the links can lead to further details.
  • Lastly, take extra care on the quality of the article. Holding good quality will let you get continuous work and acceptance from the client who hosts the website. There are many writers who just duplicate a webpage and plagiarize others works. Never fall prey to such things. Try being original in your contents and the payouts will be good.
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4 Replies to “How can a beginner write SEO articles?”

  1. While your post raises a number of excellent points, I think that ultimately you have to create content for the reader and not the sale, the search engines, or for posterity. If you provide real value to the reader in a natural manner, SEO keywords and phrases will fall into place by default. In some cases people can write this content on their own, or they can hire others to do it for them. Expecting any sort of free SEO articles or content is only reasonable if you have something to give in return…such as advertising space or some other item of internet marketing value.

  2. Your post makes a lot of great points, but I often get tired of trying to explain SEO in order to teach people to write for optimization. There are lots of great writers out there who can’t write SEO at all, and there are lots of crappy writers who properly optimize their garbage. I think if you write truly high quality content, it’s likely to at least partially optimize itself. Ultimately, you don’t need to know much about SEO in order to write highly optimized articles. I have a very simple strategy that I have been using quite successfully that I would like to share with you here:

    It’s a simple SEO article writing strategy, but it has brought us great success here for our own needs and the needs of our clients. Thanks for the post and keep up the great content.


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