How To: Create an Apple ID in iTunes Without a Credit Card

You can discover few amazing iOS apps like Google Earth and Adobe Ideas on the iTunes Apps store. Definitely, all are free to download but there is a provision to having a US based Apple ID to install them on to your iPhone or iPad.

Even though it is very simple to figure out the problem by creating another Apple ID. But at first you need to sign-out of your present account. In case you do not have a U.S based credit card, you required to set ‘none’ as the payment method. Now you allowed to download US apps with the new Apple ID.

What if the ‘none’ payment option is not appearing in your iTunes? What to do then for creating an Apple ID without a credit card? Sometimes it may happen that none option will be missing on your payment screen while creating a new Apple ID for downloading U.S. specific apps.

So you can make an Apple ID inside iTunes by following two ways. Either you can jump on Store –> Create Account or simply download an app and iTunes will prompt you to create an Apple ID. If you choose the latter route then you can find the ‘none’ option for payment.

The easy steps are given below that should be followed by you to create an Apple ID with a U.S. address but without requiring a credit card:

Step 1. Start iTunes and move to the iTunes store. Be ensure that you are not logged in.

Step 2. Now you need to change your country to United States by scrolling down.

Step 3. Finally go to App store and download any of the free apps.

At last ‘none’ option on the Payments screen will become available and now you evolve into an owner of a brand new Apple account. You can even watch the video below for quick recap of the entire process.

36 Replies to “How To: Create an Apple ID in iTunes Without a Credit Card”

  1. How to create an apple I’d for app store without credit card method from iPhone
    The none option is not displayed
    the country name to be changed
    pls I need a help

  2. How to create an apple I’d for app store without credit card method from iPhone
    The none option is not displayed
    my iPhone 3.0 version
    pls I need a help

  3. Plzz help me out. I have iPod touch , I have an apple I’d , same as given but when I download somthg it’s says review ur Id but when I do it thr is no such option as ‘none’ I even tried ur way by changing my country option as US but still then ‘none’ option did not appear plzz help me out vid

  4. How to create an apple I’d for app store without credit card method from iPhone
    The none option is not displayed
    my iphone 3gs version is 4.1
    plz help me …
    im tring

  5. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me . I want a apple I’d But I have a problem that’s why I didn’t make an apple I’d . Problem is that ” I have no any credit card and I want a apple I’d without any credit card plzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz Help me

    1. Log out if you are logged in. Then download a free app in the store. It will prompt you to sighn in or make a new ID. Make a new ID and the “none” selection will be there.

  6. I just followed the process to get an ID. In the process what about ‘to redeem a code or gift certicicate’ which I don’t have.

    Please provide the solution:)

  7. this things don’t work anymore, I don’t know why??, as soon you select none for the payment info and fill up the address, etc. then after you press the next button, there will be notif like this “please contact itunes support…!!”

  8. Thank you sooo much .. that really helped ! 🙂
    I can’t believe it, I’ve finally created it without any credit card 😉

    I think that you have to make sure of 2 things:
    1- Creating the new account from iTunes not
    2- Mentioning that you are from United States in order to get the ” None ” option.

  9. Okkk So i will tell you how to create an apple account WITHOUT CREDIT CARD AND THAT STUFF!!
    1-> firstly go to itunes.
    2-> Then go to the app store WIHTOUT logging in ur apple id
    3-> Then just download any free app of course it will ask u to log in then from u will have the option to create a new account just go and create the account from there then click next and you will see a none option available beside the paypal visa and stuff like that
    4 – > Just click it and u will be able to create a new account without apple id!!!!!!! enjoy
    have fun….

  10. “Please contact Itunes Support to complete this transaction”
    Is what I get after selecting None and filling out the form (correctly and completely)

    YAY! It looks like Apple want me to jump through another hoop just to make sure VERY FEW people are able to create an account without handing over some moolah.
    One word for ya: CUNT.

  11. Yes actually, I have tried many times the same way it worked before. I won’t work. It seem apple has fixed this hole.

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