How to Use Different Types of SEO

Every business needs some essential things to grow. In case of internet business also, you need to take a few steps to grow your business. The first and foremost need of any internet business is its reach to customers.

If you are running an internet business and you are hard to approach or unapproachable, your business cannot grow. Since this business is different from the conventional business where you can approach customers through different ways, you have to be careful and alert.

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It is important to know about SEO if you are running an internet business. SEO services can optimize the ranking of your website on search engine which can help your business to grow. Apart from knowing what SEO is, you should also know about the different types of SEO so that you may know the actual position of your website on search engine. This information is important and since you are running an internet business, you should be aware of all these facts. Basically there are three different forms of SEO which are known as – Black hat SEO, White hat SEO and Grey hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO

Through Black hat SEO services, you can drive huge traffic to your website and improve its ranking on the search engine. This form of SEO is basically a trick which cannot be caught by
the search engine easily. This service can make you touch the top ranking on search engine in just few days time only.

With these benefits, there are some disadvantages of Black hat SEO. If the search engine catches the trick, your website may be banned. Apart from this, the customers may feel disappointed to visit your site as they will not find any relevant information they were expecting. So, it would be better to take a wise step if you are planning for this form of SEO.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO services are very reliable and trustworthy. This service completely relies on quality and appropriate content. With the help of appropriate keywords and good material, your website can easily reach at the top ranking of search engine. Apart from this, your customers or visitor will be glad to visit your website as they will get the desired content.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO service can be better called a combination of Black hat SEO service and White hat SEO service. Grey hat SEO service can provide you fast results in form of good ranking in search engine very quickly but it can be risky for your website.

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8 Replies to “How to Use Different Types of SEO”

  1. Ah, even I am a SEO guy I haven’t posted an article about the classification of SEO in my blog. Well you beat me Sharat. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

  2. Hi Sharat, White hat SEO is my favourite option. I usually combine two powerful SEO elements. Onsite optimization with good content and offsite optimization with hundreds of good, quality backlinks. Black hat SEO sounds suspicious and I would not want to explore it. Thanks for giving us this information Sharat.
    Alex Papa

  3. Unless you’re running a scam, there’s really no need for Black Hat SEO practices. Same for Gray Hat and the enforced penalties, while not resulting in a ban may put you in the purgatory of some sort. Play fair and square is all.

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