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iOS5 which is so far best of Apple iOS version which comes with some amazing features like iCloud, iMessage, Find my friends and more then 100 new features is now available for downloading. Before I share direct download links for iOS5, here are some of the cool feature of iOS4 which will tempt you to download and upgrade your iPhone to latest iOS5 version.

iOS5 will offer over the wi-fi sync with your iTunes and everything can be backed up on free iCloud account. Though in order to upgrade your iPhone to iOS5, you need to download latest iTunes5 which comes with Wi-Fi support.

Anyways, to cut the long story short here are download URL’s for iOS5. Make sure to download the version which is compatible with your device.

Download links for iOS5

I have verified links before posting, but in case if any of link is not working for you. Do let us know via comments and I will update the links.

Though before you upgrade your iOS device to latest iOS5, remember it supports only iPhone4 and iPhone3GS. If you are using an older version of iPhone, you might consider selling it or using it for fun and grab a new iPhone4S. For people who are using Jailkbroken iPhone, untethered jailbreak is not available at this time but you can jailbreak iOS5 as tethered jailbreak. If you are upgrading to iOS5 for awesome SIRI app, you are out of luck as Apple made SIRI available only on iPhone4S.

Do let us know if you are upgrading your iPhone or any other iOS device to latest iOS5? What all features you loved in iOS5? Do let us know if you face any issue while upgrading your iOS device to iOS5?

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  1. I have an iPad 2 with 64GB capacity and both WiFi+3G connectivity running iOS 4.3.5. Today, I downloaded the iPad 2 firmware from the link provided (iPad 2 GSM Version) and when I tried to update an error message poped out like “incompatible firmware” or “not compatible for this device”. Any solutions?

    BTW – why is there three different links to download iPad firmware in your web-post above? I know one is for sure for CDMA iPads. What is the difference between the other two links? Thanks!

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