Low Blog Traffic, Don’t Worry

For any new blog you must have a good traffic for it’s stabilization, even for old blogs traffic is important for their stability. There are thousands of blogs all over the world. Competition is too high. Without traffic website can’t generate revenue, can’t gain good rank.

Don’t Worry, I am having few solutions to get traffic to your blog. Money can generate traffic for your website but I never suggest for this until you have any commercial website. You must try out these free traffic building steps.

First of all you can submit you blog to different blog directories. Blog directories are beneficial for traffic and you also get a back link to your blog by doing so. Always use to read related niche blogs and give your comment. Most of publishers don’t accept comments like ‘nice blog’, ‘great blog’. So, try to give your valuable comment according to the content or which is related to the content.

Feed setup on MyYahoo.com by which your blog gets regular spidered by Yahoo search engine. You can take help of your friends, ask them to send you their email list. Forward them articles about your website. Use Signature in Emails with your blog link. You can use Twitter for getting good traffic. Increase your twitter followers.

Use to update your blog on regular basis. Try to post one post each day. Try Forums and do comments there, again I will suggest you to give valuable comment. Otherwise, your comment can be marked as spam and your account will be banned. Another benefit of good comment is to attract people toward your comment. By doing so people will be interested in knowing more about you and will click on the link in your signature.

Using Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and other top Bookmarking websites will be found beneficial.

Upload short video about your blog in youtube and insert your link in description box. Youtube video can give you better traffic. Try to popularize your youtube video.

After trying all these steps you will surely have some traffic in your blog and will help you with your blog earning. Next, you can give ads in Google Adword or can try Facebook ads.

38 Replies to “Low Blog Traffic, Don’t Worry”

  1. Hi Sharat..I have been doing this for the last three months and I think most important part is have a strong network on Social Media and targeted too, then only we can hope to get some traffic..

  2. The steps given by me above will help you in getting some traffic. These steps will surely help somehow.

    For an example. If any blog is having zero traffic. Then it is better to get 1 traffic instead of zero. So, you can follow the above steps to increase number of visits on your blog/website.

    1. Shariq, You are right. But I will must say that. If someone is generating revenue then only he/she get more serious about his/her blog/website.

      Today blogging is not just a part time work. Blogging is now a profession for most of blogger out there. We must keep this in our mind.

  3. Awesome tips sharat this will really help me bec i am getting low traffic to my blog. i have already started to implement some of the tips you have mentioned above. like social bookmarking and forum participation.

    Thanks for sharing this mate.

    1. Kbharath, I saw you blog. It is nice. You just pay your attention on you traffic else every thing is good with you blog.

      I am also new in blogging. Let’s hope for the best…. Thanks for visiting my blog regularly.

  4. Hey Nice Article Sharat, I think Social Media Should be used , but not extensively, same is with SEO services , The Main Thing is “Content is kING” , Bloggers do forget that !

  5. Thanks for this nice post my web design blog is just 2 months old and I am getting just OK traffic at this point and I need to follow some of the tips you mentioned for good traffic.

  6. Awesome tips. At the begin stage, we have to be more concerned about the content and not the traffic.

    Because all the means of promotion of your blog will demand good content.

    Nice Article. thanks for sharing

  7. hi I was luck to approach your Topics in bing
    your topic is outstanding
    I obtain much in your Topics really thank your very much
    btw the theme of you site is really fabulous

  8. Wonderful article, Sharat. Well I think you’re doing the things explained in here to your blog now, since you’re in that beginners category now. Thanks for sharing a wonderful article.

  9. Nice points listed out. But, I think one critical point that needs significant mention is indeed working on SEO. Yeah, though the blog is new, or you are a new blogger, SEO can drive massive traffic to your blog. Commenting on forums and blogs also serves a good purpose. Just my two cents.

  10. I visit your post it is a great post , dear webmaster i have an educational blog who have two PR but it not get more traffic plz help me ..

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