Why to choose linux web hosting

This question is most popular and basic question with most of newbie webmasters raise that which hosting to choose window hosting or linux hosting. Some people think that since they work in window computer, they should go for window hosting.

Controlling website is too easy with use of control panel. Therefore it never matters that which operating system you are using in your system.

Few advantages of linux hosting are :

— Linux Server are lesser in cost than window hosting. Linux is open source, it comes totally free and there is no license fee associated to it. That’s why it is affordable.

— Most of the blogs and forum scripts runs on Linux server.

— Linux server has some of the popular features which window server does not support such as mod rewriting, cron job and many more.

— There are lots of open source and free scripts available which run on Linux server.

    If you are having few more points then add it in comment.

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    1. In my experience, Linu hosting blows away everything else. You can control every aspect of what’s going on. Plus you do not have to pay licensing fees for serial keys, or worry about viruses.

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