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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Webmasters first starting out with an online presence usually opt for the shared hosting model to host their websites. Shared hosting presents an economical and powerful enough choice for the limited resources that are required for entry level and young websites. Once the website owner has established a website presence and begins to add features

Spy on Skype Conversations with NetSpy

Spying on Skype conversation is now possible. If you have heard about mobile spy software and have the impression that it can monitor the internal activities on your mobile phone from your SMS messages and email conversation, then you are underestimating the powerful spying features of a mobile spy app. It does not merely offers

5 Best Free Online Racing Games

Heat online

Computer Gaming doesn’t refer to playing 2D games on your desktop anymore. Gaming has gone online, with 3D graphics support and amazing performance. Online gaming is on a rise, we get to play against gamers from across the globe.Online gaming, too has evolved in stages, from simple online flash games, to sophisticated RPG, action and

5 Best HTML 5 Based Video Players


HTML 5 is the new in thing as far as web 2.0 is considered. The field of web development and web designing is an ever increasing field with an growing market and with new innovations like HTML 5 and CSS3, creativity has got a new definition. HTML 5 is being used almost everywhere by developers

5 Best Sites to Get a Custom Twitter Design

Custom Twitter Designs

For most people their twitter account represents who they are, whether it be a personal account or a social profile for business communication. It is really important, to consider giving your profile giving a unique touch. You need stand out of the crowd to really make an impression.

7 Best Websites to Step-by-Step Learn jQuery


jQuery has recently become the most popular and flexible Javascript Library that have added a lot of ease and efficiency for web developers and web designers. With it’s growing popularity it has become inevitable for everyone developer to learn this very language.

Top 7 Best Extensions for Safari 5

Well, Firefox has always been leading the race to be the best browser and Google chrome ain’t far behind and seems to be catching up at a nice pace. But after these two¬† browsers and especially for Mac users Safari has been the best browser so far. It’s maybe due to its sleek design and