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Emus4U Installer – iPhone and Android APK

emus4u app

Emus4U app installer is something quite different from other third-party installers. Not only do you get the same huge choice of modified and tweaked apps and games on Emus4U , but you also get a whole load more in the way of tweaks, including the most popular games emulators, the only way to get them without jailbreaking. It’s free to download and all apps are free too.

Tweakbox Download – iOS and Android

tweakbox app

TweakBox is a first-class iPhone and Android app installer, packed with cool apps, tweaked games and a lot of modified content that you can’t find anywhere else. TweakBox has thousands of apps, games and 3rd party tweaks to choose from and no need to jailbreak to use it, it is the most downloaded installer of its kind and, even better, it’s all free to use.

Airshou Screen Recorder App


AirShou is one of the most popular screen recorders, packed with great features that you can’t find in other screen recorder apps. Once a Cydia tweak, AirShou is now available to anyone who wants to use it, without jailbreaking, giving all users a chance to use the full HD screen recording, stereo audio, and many other features, all for free.

Panda Helper App – iPhone and Android

panda helper

Panda Helper app offers users one of the largest choices of unofficial content;  filled with app store app content, modified apps, tweaked games and a few Cydia tweaks thrown in for good measure, it is the most comprehensive third-party installer on offer. There is no need to jailbreak to use the Panda Helper installer and it is completely free to download and use.

Cydia App Download Tutorial – iPhone iPad


Cydia app is the best third-party app store in the world and has been downloaded by millions. Only available with a jailbreak utility, Cydia offers users a huge choice of tweaks, modifications, themes, ringtones and more and is the only way to truly modify your iPhone or iPad so it works how you want it to. It is free with any official jailbreak utility.

TinyUmbrella App – Save SHSH Blobs – Fix Recovery


TinyUmbrella is an incredibly powerful tool that all iOS users should be using right now. At one time, we could use TinyUmbrella to downgrade our iOS version for the purposes of jailbreaking but, while it doesn’t have that functionality right now, we can still use it to save our SHSH blobs, ready to take advantage of the downgrade function when it gets added back./a

Tutu Helper Download Guide


Are you fed up with your stock apps not having enough features? Having to buy games or pay for in-app features? Then don’t. Download Tutu Helper instead and get everything you always wanted. There’s a huge choice of stock apps with new features, games with all features unlocked, and loads more; you don’t need a jailbreak and everything is completely free to use.

TutuApp Installer Download

Do you want more choice of apps and games on your iPhone or iPad? Try downloading TutuApp, a completely free alternative app store that offers thousands of different apps, games and some Cydia tweaks. Download tweaked stock apps, modified games, screen recorders, emulators and so much more, all without having to jailbreak your device first. And it is all for free.