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TinyUmbrella App – Save SHSH Blobs – Fix Recovery


TinyUmbrella is an incredibly powerful tool that all iOS users should be using right now. At one time, we could use TinyUmbrella to downgrade our iOS version for the purposes of jailbreaking but, while it doesn’t have that functionality right now, we can still use it to save our SHSH blobs, ready to take advantage of the downgrade function when it gets added back./a

Tutu Helper Download Guide


Are you fed up with your stock apps not having enough features? Having to buy games or pay for in-app features? Then don’t. Download Tutu Helper instead and get everything you always wanted. There’s a huge choice of stock apps with new features, games with all features unlocked, and loads more; you don’t need a jailbreak and everything is completely free to use.

Emu4iOS App Installer


Emu4iOS is one of the very best third-party app installers we have today. Once a popular Cydia source of modified apps and games, now anyone can use it without needing to jailbreak and you still get the same great choice of apps, games, and tweaks as you always did. It’s easy to download and everything is completely free to use.