Fresh, Relevant Content Equals Happy Readers

The concept of search engine optimization sounds complicated to most people, but it really isn’t. It is merely a process implemented in an attempt to improve your site and have it rank higher in search engine page results.

First page ranking will give you a never ending stream of customers to your site. That can translate into many more customers and an enhanced bottom line. Here are a few quick tips in regard to your content.

  • Relevant Content

There are many methods and techniques of search engine optimization, and they change constantly as the search engines alter their criteria or algorithms for how they base their website rankings.

However, one thing never changes, and that is the fact that relevant and fresh content ranks higher than any other. Search engines feature robotic “spiders” which are always searching the web structure for exclusive and rare content. It your site can feature this on a regular basis, then you will consistently rank much higher.

  • WordPress Platform

Many business owners feature a site with a great design and look to it, but just take up space, while not providing relevant information for their business. The spiders are not going to pick it up, and it will remain stagnant.

There are a few reasons for that, such as the owners not understanding the dynamics of how the spiders work, or it could be that many web designers aren’t providing an easy and inexpensive way for site owners to put fresh content on their site.
As far as I’m concerned, WordPress is the ideal platform to use. It can provide static pages, much like a traditional website, while also adding the ability to add new content as frequently as you desire.

  • Content Quantity

Keeping your site updated with fresh content doesn’t have to take up half your day, just make sure it is providing your visitor (and search engines) with enough pertinent information. You can make blog posts as short and to the point as you want, but the recommended length is about 250 words.

The most important aspect is to add keywords that correlate to your particular business, in hopes of drawing customers to your site. This is all important in the eyes of search engines, but don’t stuff keywords to the point where you have written something that reads like a Dr. Seuss book. It must ultimately be written for real visitors.

Search engines can now decipher when sites are “keyword stuffing”, and this will push your ranking in the wrong direction. Including links to at least a few other useful sites will show your readers that you are trying to be helpful, and will get the owners of those other sites to come visit you, and hopefully add a link to your site on their page.

Author : Darren, current occupation is teaching people how to do free people search with various technology tools.

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