No more scheduled tweets – meet Buffer [Review]

Have you ever tried to count them all? The many tweet scheduling functions out there? You will find countless ones, because the Social Oomphs, Twaitters, Hootsuites or Futuretweets scheduling functions have grown like weed in recent years. Let me therefore introduce you to Buffer, a new tool, that approaches this completely differently. By nature Buffer aims to save you lots of time and giving you in return a fully planned out and consistent twitterstream.

Really? How does it work then?

Instead of scheduling each individual tweet, we thought of saving you that step and making the whole flow more intuitive for you to optimize your twitter efforts.

All you do is add tweets to a queue in your Buffer right from your browser every time you come across interesting content you want to share. If your Buffer is topped up with tweets, it will tweet for you at pre-set times during the day. Of course you are able to adjust these times if you wish.

Cool, so what will I get out of this?

Making Buffer part of your daily routine, will save you lots of time and optimize your twitter experience. Without additional efforts you add tweets to your Buffer whenever you read something you like.

Many people have increased their number of followers and have said they have much more engagement with their consistent tweets every day, since using Buffer.
And all this is happening by remaining a genuine personality on twitter, writing your own tweets and without turning into a “auto-everything” bot.

Finally, what I personally like very much about Buffer is that I know to have a topped up Buffer backing me up whenever times get busy. This just gives me very a relaxed feeling. You should try it too.

Make sure you leave a comment with your views, I will reply to every single one. 🙂

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