Tips for Creating a Blog

If you have decided to create your own blog, there are certain things which you should always keep in mind.

1.      Comfortable platform matters a lot

Always build up your blog on the most comfortable platform. The simpler and facilitating your platform is, less time will be consumed to pay attention to back-end issues. I would recommend you to always use WordPress to make sure your maximum time is consumed for updating the blog and not wasted in handling the backend issues like programming.

2.      Topic is always important

Before creating a blog, decide a topic which is of your interest. Creating a blog on a miscellaneous topic is not a good idea because later on, you won’t be able to cover the topic completely. Instead, choose a specific topic and write only about that news related to that specific topic. While choosing the topic, make sure you have enough knowledge of that and you have fast access to the latest news about that topic as well. If you have knowledge about Medifast or Nutrisystem coupons, or may be the tech field write on it. Always write on the topic you know a lot about and the ones about which you don’t get bored writing!

3.      Regular updating is a must

Blog is no more a hobby, but a complete profession. There are many individuals who are earning their livelihood only from blogging and they do take blogging very seriously. If you are thinking that publishing a post after a few days will be sufficient, then you are wrong. You must have an eye on each and every latest happening and write about it whether it interests you or not. So, keep in mind that a blog of this era is time demanding.

4.      Blog should sound clear

I am not becoming language specific, but whatever language your blog uses, make sure to remain simplest. People no more understand complex phrases. Even if you are using idioms, use those which are common. Other than simplicity, the ideas mentioned should be clear and the sentences should properly connect to eachother. Once you have written a post, don’t post it immediately but re-read it for any spelling or grammatical mistake. If you have multiple editors for a blog, you can proofread each other’s posts for spelling and/or grammatical mistake(s).

5.      SEO perspectives

Keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. The blog permalinks should mention the title of the post and the category in which it lies. Do care about keyword density to drive more traffic. First of all, choose keywords that would attract more people and then mention those keywords in title and in a good number within the post as well. Take care of on-page as well as off-page SEO. If you don’t have enough time or expertise to care about SEO issues, hire someone for handling all these issues.

6.      RSS is important

People are very busy these days. They can’t come back to check your blog regularly. What they do is scan their RSS feed for any interesting news. So, you must ensure more and more people subscribe to your RSS feed and put interesting titles in your posts/RSS to attract many of them towards your blog.

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  1. Hi Saksham,

    I find what you mention in your article about the importance of updating the blog regularly very critical indeed. I noticed that you implement this principle in your weight loss site. You update your diet blog of Medifast coupons and Nutrisystem discounts by adding content every day that relates to the topic of your blog, which is weight loss program reviews

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